Example of complete railing install from concept to execution – this really shows how we work and the care that goes into the whole process. Let’s design functional art like this for you.

The client came to Nancy through a vendor referral that had worked for her and had seen her work numerous times. One of the design elements in the Foyer of the home was a beautiful winding staircase, which needed an exquisite railing and complimenting details to make the staircase complete. The criteria: Unique, nothing straight either vertically or horizontally, custom with a “Wow” factor. Hence the following design process:

Conceptual Design

Nancy created a conceptual image using free form organic shapes which flow up the staircase. The use of different gauges of iron throughout the railing was important in the design and added beauty to this creation.

Perspective of Staircase

To further explore this concept, Nancy had a perspective of the staircase created.

Once this concept was accepted, Nancy’s custom railing builder in South America created a section of railing for approval.

 The result is spectacular! The Foyer is complete with the custom railing and custom designed backlit onyx inserts on the tread of each step, all created by Nancy Cameron Design.

4b Railing installation