About Nancy Cameron

With over 20 years experience in the design industry, Nancy Cameron, an Allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers, offers a unique approach to the art of design. Nancy specializes in the custom development of the entire project that often begins in the conceptual phase between architect and home owner.

An honor graduate of the Art Institutes International in Minneapolis, Minnesota, she began her design endeavor upon being hired as the Sales and Marketing Director of the first high-end townhome development in downtown Minneapolis. In addition to sales, she essentially served the role of design liaison between the client, architect, and builder. Thus, her expertise began. This love of developing and completing an entire project from the initial concept on through to the last accessory being placed is her strength and passion.

Experience Which Exceeds All Expectations

Nancy receives much of her design inspiration from her International travels. Color palettes ranging from the ochres, tangerines, and turquoises of the tomb of Queen Nefertari in The Valley of the Queens in Egypt, to the muted wheat, taupe, and chocolates found on safari in South Africa to the bold jewel tones of emeralds, sapphires, and rubies witnessed at the Burj al Arab in Dubai are all used to create exquisite environments and keep her designs fresh, new, and current, thus sharing her worldly eye for design. Nancy continually studies new ideas to broaden her professional knowledge.

These inspirations together with her client’s ideas and vision combine to create a truly unique and exciting living space specifically tailored and fine tuned to enhance each individual’s lifestyle. Nancy listens, understands, and translates, and then creates a sophisticated, inviting ambience.

Every project regardless of size and budget can present an interesting design opportunity. Nancy uses her experience, education, curiosity of life, and intuitive approach to design to create magic for each and every client. As an artist and designer, she possesses the ability to contribute to and enhance the interior architecture of each home with her one-of-a-kind custom designed and created pieces of functional art. The creativity and inspiration is endless!

Nancy Cameron Interiors Received the 2009 Best of Sarasota Award.