She brings an outstanding and unique skill set to each project

I have know Nancy Cameron for a number of years both as a client and a friend. As a Realtor dealing primarily in luxury property sales, I have come to respect Nancy for her knowledge and skills and her ability to deal with a wide range of challenges and high end projects. Because of her excellent understanding of architecture and the building process, she brings an outstanding and unique skill set to each project. This expertise combined with her space planning ability has served her clients well in both new home construction and major remodeling projects.

Nancy has personally been instrumental in designing my three personal moves in the past 10 years. Each of the homes represented different challenges that required different approaches. In all three, she managed to create dramatic results that were both comfortable and lovely and that reflected our tastes and vision.

I have recommended Nancy numerous times to my customers and friends, and in all cases, the result has been professional, impressive and innovative. Above all, Nancy is a good listener, able to sense the client’s tastes as well as any budgetary constraints and translate that into a beautiful result. I highly recommend Nancy for any projects and I feel confident that her clients will continue to be pleased with the superior quality of her work.


Georgina Clamage
Michael Saunders & Company
Manager, Longboat Key Offices

Fuller Testimonial – Condo Design


These remarks refer to the remodeling of a downtown Sarasota condominium in 2012.

In remodeling our kitchen and living area we had three objectives. The first was to design a unique kitchen that does not look like a kitchen, but like furniture. Second. the task was to integrate our collection of eclectic an objects into a contemporary design and finally, mask five doors and frames in a way that they do not intrude into our living space. The result we expected was the creation of a warm, harmonious, comfortable experience. Ater interviewing three other interior designers, we selected Nancy Cameron Design. From our very first consultation we knew that Nancy possessed an amazing creative talent and would be a person easy to work with.

in fact, her plan was absolutely brilliant!

ln addition to achieving our design mandate, it seamlessly integrated our entire living space into one which is dramatic, yet informal and comfortable. She changed the entire configuration of the kitchen by converting it into a series of various sizes and heights lighted from above. These were covered in rich dark wood, painted with white glass accents and topped with a striking multi-level white countertop.

to display art objects The ceiling was lowered in segments to mirror the cubes and complimentary coving was added throughout. A pocket door isolated a bedroom and further integrated and amplified the design scheme. ln essence, Nancy took a standard galley kitchen and transformed it into a work of art with ample storage units disguised as furniture.

ln addition, she converted a small hallway with three doors into another artistic focus by adding an original canvas painting and lighting that visually extended the Great Room, hiding one door and downplaying the other two. The overall design scheme and custom cabinetry were quite complicated and yet Nancy knew local contractors who were capable of performing the various tasks required. Our new porcelain, metallic floor tile was also challenging and before it was laid, Nancy carefully positioned each panel in such a way that its reflective qualities were optimized. She also ordced suitable custom-made furniture and a rug for the Great Room. Everything was complimented by mood creating ceiling lighting designed to highlight artistic components throughout the unit.

Nancy conceptualized. executed and with our contractor managed the entire project. We were away during the remodeling and although we were always in sync, Nancy was afforded great latitude and trust to make decisions in our absence – and she never let us down.

The result was perfectly scaled decor that was both functionally and aesthetically
plensing. Those who have seen our newly renovated condominium seem to share a single reaction – spectacular!

We would not hesitate to recommend Nancy Cameron Design. With a delightful out
going personality. Nancy is experienced, honest and smart; with creative skills that are unsurpassed. Based upon our experience. she can help any owner have a fabulous home.

Robert Fuller and Delores Fuller
Sansota, FL

She has an uncanny ability to “read” a family

I have known Nancy Cameron since 2005. Ours was a client/interior designer relationship that evolved into a close friendship that remains today. Her expertise far exceeds her interior design capabilities. Her interaction with architects and general contractors was such that what could have been huge problems for us were carefully eliminated.

Nancy’s greatest asset, however, is more personal. She has an uncanny ability to “read” a family, come up with the plan that will let the personality of that family be presented in her design aspects to its full potential. This happens because above all, Nancy “listens” to her clients. Nancy is the ultimate professional. Confidentiality is up front and center and she has the ability to make a daunting job an enjoyable experience. Nancy is the only designer that I have worked with that I can and do recommend 100%.

JC – Sarasota, FL

Nancy is positive, pleasant, productive, prompt, professional, creative, captures the client’s style, and contributes to a great result.

JH – Sarasota, FL